lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

"Department Girl". E-book de poesía completa traducida al inglés. Editado por Dead Ink (Manchester). Traducción de Laura García.

Department Girl by Alelí Manrique (Kindle)

“The bus driver ran over a pedestrian.
Everybody understood that right there
All had ended for the one
Who rested face down painlessly”
The Wrong Way, Department Girl

Department Girl is the third full collection of poetry from Argentinian poet, Alelí Manrique. Written in Buenos Aires, Department Girl contains 40 poems covering 21st Century life in the South American country from growing up, looking for love, running into exs, dreaming of England, listening to Joy Division and drinking summer morning coffee. This bohemian collection of poetry is both melancholic and youthful. Translated from Spanish by Laura García and published exclusively by Dead Ink.
Alelí Manrique lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied at Casa de Letras (School of Writing and Orality) and Buenos Aires University (UBA) and took classes with Arturo Carrera and Daniel Durand among others. She is the Editor of Ediciones Encendida and her published word includes the poetry collections  Mucho Phantasmo (2008) and Lunes (2011).


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